Identitech Systems, Inc. is a full-service Law Enforcement and Security Consulting Firm.

We specialize in assisting Public Safety Organizations with researching, evaluating, reviewing, recommending, and
obtaining technologically advanced products and services to meet their needs, enhance officer safety and overall crime
fighting capabilities. Our clients consist of Federal, State, County, and Municipal Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Identitech Systems, Inc. is a South Florida based company with more than 27 years of experience in the law
enforcement and security industry. With Internationally
recognized, certified experience and expertise, from ASIS
International as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
and the National Emergency Vehicle Technician
Commission as a Law Enforcement Emergency Vehicle
Technician (EVT), we have served law enforcement
agencies from Angola to BraZil.

Because of our location, the bulk of the Law Enforcement
agencies we serve do tend to be concentrated within the
State of Florida, primarily within South Florida, but we have
provided services to U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies and
Detention facilities in Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana,
California, Texas, and even Alaska.

In addition to our U.S. Law Enforcement Agency clients, we
have served Law Enforcement Agencies, clients and markets
in Africa, the Middle East, throughout the Caribbean, and
South America.

In order to protect our client base, we do not publicly list the names of any Law Enforcement Agencies on the website, however a list of our clients and unlimited references are available to any public safety agency or entity who is interested in utilizing our services. If you are a Department or Division Head in need of our services, if you are interested in reviewing your options, need additional information on technology items,or want to speak with us, please contact us directly at Please include your agency and contact information, the products or services you may be interested in us assisting you with, and we will be in touch with you shortly.